The 2017 first quarter results of the Wash Volume Report (WVR) have just been released by the CCA. Average revenue per site of $75,948 was virtually the same compared to the first quarter of last year up just 1%. Average cycles per site at 10,405 were up 10.8% compared to the 2016 first quarter results.

Undertaken for the CCA by Kent Group Ltd., a research firm specializing in the gas station and car wash industry, the WVR is a national quarterly survey of carwash sites. Members of the CCA may participate in the WVR program and receive results specific to their regional at no extra cost beyond their membership fee.  All CCA members can access the full fourth quarter results on the CCA website. Also available online is information on how you can add your carwash site to the WVR.

A graphical summary of the report is available to members at the bottom of on the CCA website's Tools page, which requires a login to see the download buttons.