For a look at the summary of the latest WVR results, click here.

CCA Members can enrol in the WVR for free by contacting the National Office.

Four times a year the Canadian Carwash Association (CCA) publishes the results of the Wash Volume Report (WVR). It is the single most reliable source of marketing data for the Canadian carwash industry when it comes to evaluating marketing, earning performance and potential. Highlights include:

  • Participation free with your CCA membership;
  • Quarterly National Report comparing your performance with carwashes across Canada;
  • Quarterly Regional Market report comparing your performance within your regional market (there are 14 regions across Canada, and participants in the respective regions are the only ones who have access to this data);

More than a thousand carwash sites from across the country participate in the WVR, providing wash volume data to Kent Group Ltd. For some background, Kent Group’s primary area of expertise is in gathering national gas volume information; which the oil companies subscribe to. In 2005, Kent Group was approached by CCA to undertake a similar service for the carwash industry, and in January 2006 the WVR program began.

Wash Volumne Report

For a look at the summary of the latest WVR results
click here.

The WVR is divided into 14 regional areas and participants receive detailed information from the region or regions they report in, as well as the national data. The CCA only reports on top line national or amalgamated regional data; individual regional data is not released. All responses are confidential and names are not used in the reporting, nor released by the CCA office.

There is more than 10 years of carwash trend data available, but why should Canadian operators care? If you’re the kind of operator who just sits back and waits for traffic to arrive, doesn’t do any marketing and generally run your carwash business as a hobby, well this service isn’t for you. Now if you’re in a competitive position and want to track how well your marketing is doing, know how others around you are performing, the WVR is vital. How vital? Staying in business vital.

Without data to use as a benchmark and for comparative purposes, operators are making decisions in a vacuum. With that said, the next hurdle is joining the process and producing the data needed by CCA’s independent research firm.

If you are a CCA member, there’s no extra cost and joining the WVR program is an email or phone call away. Collecting the data, well that’s not an excuse either; in fact, it is a very simple process. That data is easy to collect as most equipment used in the carwashing industry reports the number of cycles, number of times a bay is accessed and what options have been selected.

Four times a year participants complete an electronic spreadsheet for Kent Group (SEE SAMPLE). It is simple and confidential. Generally, a single site will only need to complete one or two columns. For each type of service you offer, we just need the number of cycles (individual washes) and the total revenue per month. If you are a coin operator with one or more bays, you just take your monthly gross carwash related sales revenue and divided by $4 to come up with a comparative number of cycles. If you own an automatic, the number of cycles is one of the pieces of information your high priced equipment should generate, and certainly monthly sales should be a no brainer to get. If it takes more than 15 minutes to fill the form out, we’d be surprised.

To sum up, the WVR provides vital business information to carwash operators; supplies data; takes little of an operator’s time; comes free with your CCA membership and is confidential. So now, why aren’t you participating?